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Stator rewind

Stator Repair / Stator Rewinding / Custom Stator Winds

RaceTech Electric offers professional high quality stator winding services. Our stator rewinds are done by hand by professional technicians using the highest quality high temperature rated magnet wire and durable insulating epoxy.  We can repair burned up and failed stators with a stock-specification rewind to get your bike on the road. We also can rewind your stators for higher output to whatever power level is necessary for your application. High output custom stator winds are our specialty. We also offer custom stator winds using OEM cores for your application, from race use to prototype machine testing.  Just let us know what you're looking for and what your needs are.

Stator winding service prices are always subject to a quote and review for your specific bike/project.

General pricing:

  • Stock rewind/repair (requires useable OEM core): $250
  • High Output Upgrade rewind (requires useable OEM core): $300
  • Special/Custom Application Engineered rewind (may require OEM core): $400-500+, depends on application

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Stator rewind

Testing Services

RaceTech Electric offers in-house testing services for stators, voltage regulators, and other motorcycle electrical components. Stator & Voltage regulator testing is done in our R&D lab with custom built test equipment.  Testing services can be arranged easily with a phone call. We offer discounted electronics testing services for local shops, and free for dealers.  Testing services are $20 per item, all of which will be refunded upon purchase of a replacement stator or regulator from us.  We can easily tell you if your stator is in good shape and producing all of it's potential power. We can heat cycle stators, and detect issues occuring only under high temperature or high load situations, which may be very difficult to detect on the bike.  We can also stress test voltage regulators-regulator/rectifiers, cycling them through phases of high loading to full regulation. We can also check the voltage regulation point accurately, and detect rectifier diodes that are worn and on the verge of failure.

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Our motorcycle charging system tester allows for mounting of all permanent magnet flywheels, and drive speeds of up to 16,000 RPM to produce maximum power output in stators from all types of motorcycles.  The flywheel is mounted to a self-centering base, the spindle of which is belt driven by a large 3hp 3-phase electric motor.  By using a very accurate Pulse Width Modulated motor controller, we are able to accurately drive the flywheel at a specific RPM. Stators are mounted to a fixed base, with CAD-designed adapters to center different sizes of stator cores. The stator mount slides on tracks to enter the stator inside of the flywheel.  The stator can be tested using on-board equipment to simulate the rest of a motorcycles' charging system, or used to drive a regulator/rectifier unit.  The on-board electronics include 2 large high-Farad capacitors, a three phase bridge rectifier, and a large 500W switchable resistive load bank.  The paralleled capacitors simulate a dead motorcycle battery, that needs to be charge as the stator begins producing current. The bridge rectifier allows DC testing without needing a separate regulator/rectifier unit. The load bank can switch in up to 500W of resistance in units of 10/20/50/100 Watts, to simulate the load on the battery & charging system (think lights, electrical accessories, heated grips, etc.).

To really understand how our test bench works, watch the following video:


Engineering & Production Services for Powersports Electrical Components

RaceTech Electric offers complete engineering design, prototyping, testing, and production for powersports, motorcycle, and automotive fields. Our Research & Development department staffs a degreed Electrical Engineer, and we use ISO 9000 accredited factories with production capabilities including metal casting, plastic molding, wiring harnesses, coil winding, and other abilities.  We can design and prototype your product and complete bench and field testing. We can develop products including charging systems, ignition systems, and voltage regulation.  We can develop custom applications for existing make/models, and handle electrical design for new projects & products.  Contact us anytime to get a quote and get your project started!

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