RaceTech Electric now offering stator rewinding & custom wind services

Stator Rewinds

Big news! RaceTech Electric is now offering stator rewinding and custom winding services. With all the expertise and experience in designing new production stators for product line, we're now offering hand re-winding services, as well as custom winds for specific applications.  We do high quality, excellent winding work on all stators. For parts with no aftermarket coverage this is the perfect option We offer cost effective options for all types of single and three-phase stators to get your bike back on the road.  Also available are custom engineering services to design and build you a stator to your exact specifications. We can take a stock stator core from your bike, and rewind it for the exact power output specifications you need, whether that is increasing overall power, or shifting power production lower or higher in the RPM range for your needs. Many racing clients take advantage of this option!

We're building a new website page to explain and price all stator winding services, but for now, just give us a call for a quote on your rewind.  A good condition stator core (preferably OEM) is required, and prices start at $200 with 2 week or less turnaround time.

Call 760-476-3514 and ask for Evan

Work samples, 2007 GSX-R1000 stator custom wound for racing application. Produces 32A @13VDC = 416Watts!

RaceTech Electric stator hand wind

RaceTech Electric stator hand wind

RaceTech Electric stator hand wind

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