Hey RaceTech Electric fans! It's Evan, Head of Engineering and Research & Development. We've got a new product available in our webstore and on the shelves that I want to tell you about. About 6 months ago I picked up a new streetbike that has quickly become one of my favorite motorcycles ever, a 1985 Yamaha FJ1100.

1985 Yamaha FJ1100

I've put quite a few miles on it, and one of the parts to fail on me (with about 40,000 miles on the clock) was the original voltage regulator for the Nippon-Denso gear driven alternator that forms the charging the system on this bike. This alternator is very popular and has been used on motorcycles from the early 80's on up through 2000+ models.  Now, being head of R&D, I decided to do something about it. After a little bit of research, I found an excellent high-efficiency Integrated Circuit voltage regulator for automotive alternator use. Using a small IC rather than a metal housing mechanical regulator like the original has lots of advantages. It is smaller, and easier to mount inside the alternator, it is not heat or vibration sensitive, it has a much more efficient regulation pattern due to improved field coil control, and a higher regulation point to keep your battery charged even with lots of electrical loads.  It is also MUCH cheaper to build, and therefore cheaper for our customers. We've cut the price more than half of replacing the original regulator with an OEM part. You can now afford to replace your regulator as a preventative maintenance item, rather than waiting until it fails and strands you on the side of the road!

Click here to view our new regulator for Nippon Denso alternators.

R025 Nippon Denso Alternator Regulator

Our R025 regulator retails for $59.95, and is currently on sale on the RaceTech Electric website for $54.95.

So, give it a shot, and keep your bike reliable. Check out our installation video below before beginning the installation procedure yourself, so you'll be ready to go!

How to install our new R025 IC Regulator on your Nippon-Denso Alternator (shown on my 1985 Yamaha FJ1100):