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Koso RX-1N GP Style Speedometer

The Koso RX-1N GP Style Speedometer is an all-in-one speedometer & tachometer unit that also includes indicator lights, shift light, top speed record, max RPM record, and more! Perfect for all types of street motorcycles, even sandcars, buggies, and Side by Sides!
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Koso RX-1N GP Style Speedometer

The RX-1N is a perfect all-in-one unit for any powersports application. It's design reflects modern sport & street motorcycle dash design trends, but it's feature set lends itself to use on all types of applications. The RX-1N has a 15,000RPM tachometer with instant response and an illuminated needle. It features a black housing, available in White & Black Gauge Faces, and a blue backlight, making it extremely easy to read at night. The RX-1N includes a large digital speedometer, and an array of indicator lights for turn signals, neutral, high beam, oil pressure or level, and check engine. It also includes a large programmable shift indicator light.

Features & Specifications:

Speed Unit KM/H MPH Alternative
Speedometer Range 0-360 KM/H or 0-223 MPH
Odometer 0-99999.9 KM or Mile
Trip A / Trip B 0-999.9 KM or Mile
Speeding Warning Setting Range 30-180 KM/H or 20-110 MPH
Adust Unit: 5 KM/H or 5 MPH
Top Speed Record 0-360 KM/H or 0-223 MPH
Tire Circumference Setting 1,000-2,500 m/m
Adjust Unit: 1 m/m
Sensor Point: 1-6
Tachometer Range 0-15,000 RPM
Adjust Unit: 100 RPM
Over RPM Shift Light Setting 5,000-15,000 RPM
Adjust Unit: 100 RPM
Max RPM Record 0-15,000 RPM
Stroke/Piston Setting 2 Stroke: 1, 2, 3, 4 pistons
4 Stroke: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 pistons
Temperature Unit degrees C \ degrees F
Digital Water Temperature Range 0-120C or 32-248F
Display Unit: 0.1deg C or 0.1deg F
Temperature Level Gauge Display Range 20-120C or 68-248F, Display in 10 levels
Display Unit: 1 level = 10deg C or 50deg F
Digital Oil Temperature Range 0-120C or 32-248F
Display Unit: 0.1deg C or 0.1deg F
Over Temperature Warning Setting (Water & Oil) 60-120C or 140-248F
Adjust Unit: 1deg C or 1deg F
Top Temperature Record 0-120C or 32-248F
Fuel Gauge Display in 10 levels (one level means 10% fuel)
Fuel Resistance Setting 100ohms - 510ohms
Insufficient Fuel Warning Setting 10-50%
Clock 24 Hour
Target Speed Timer 30-360 KM/H or 20-220 MPH
Adjust Unit: 5 KM/H or 5 MPH
Target Distance Timer 50-1,000 Meter or 1/32-20/32 Mile
Adjust Unit: 50 Meter or 1/32 Mile
Top Speed Timer The record including:
1: Speed: 0-360 KM/H or 0-223 MPH
2: Distance: 0-999 Meter or 0-3,280 Feet
3: RPM: 0-15,000 RPM
4: Timer: 0-59.59.99 Second
Indicator Light Neutral - Green
High Beam - Blue
Oil - Red
RPM Shift - Light Yellow/Red
Speeding - Red
Turn Signals - Green
Check Engine - Amber
The RX-1N includes a gauge mounting bracket, speed sensor bracket & magnet, speed sensor w/ cable, and water temperature sensor in the box.

Note: Our Koso products can take up to 14 days for delivery to your address in the US. We often ship sooner than this, but please allow up 14 days for delivery. We try to compensate for this delayed delivery by having industry best pricing on our Koso units.


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