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Complete Honda CB Charging System Kit: Rotor, Stator & Regulator

Complete charging system replacement kit for Honda CB series DOHC (Dual OverHead Cam) motorcycles. The K903 kit includes a F901 rotor, a R210 regulator/rectifier, and a G210 Stator, at a 10% savings over buying the components separately. All parts are easy to install and are perfect replacements for your OEM parts.
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The K903 kit is a complete new charging system in a box! The kit includes a F901 rotor, a R210 regulator/rectifier, and a G210 Stator. You save 10% when purchasing the kit over all parts individually.

F901 Field Coil Charging Rotor
The F901 is a high quality OEM style replacement for Honda field coil rotors in Dual OverHead Cam Honda CB & Nighthawk models. This rotor fits many CB series motorcycles from the 70's & 80's. The field coil is wound to stock specifications. We have upgraded the rotor for extreme reliability with a new core for the field coil. The field coil is wound around a durable protective core to keep the wire windings isolated from the metal body of the rotor. Our rotor has a machined face with less runout the OEM rotors. The slip rings on the face are of extremely high quality copper. The F901 is an easy installation for years of trouble free reliability from your Honda engine. Easy bolt-in installation just like the stock rotor.

R210 Regulator/Rectifer
The R210 is a high quality regulator/rectifier, designed to replace the OEM units on Honda CB DOHC motorcycles. This part is made with the highest quality components, and an intelligent heat sink design to keep heat down, and maintain a stable voltage while having a constant charge at any RPM. It works perfectly with our Honda DOHC CB rotors & stators, efficiently regulating field coil voltage to keep a perfect charge at all times, under all riding conditions. Much more reliable than the original units!

G210 Outer Stator
The G210 Outer Stator is a high quality part to replace your failed stator on Honda CB & Nighthawk Dual OverHead Cam (DOHC) models with field coil rotors. It is a perfect match for our F901 Honda CB rotor. The G210 stator installs easily just like your stock stator. The windings are of extremely high quality, with high temperature epoxy securing the windings and a durable heat resistant powdercoated finish. Also included is a replacement connector for your wiring harness, and new crimp-on terminals. This adds a ton of value to this part, and it is smart to replace your old often brittle & heat-damaged wiring harness end connector. This stator will keep your classic CB charging perfectly and on the road for many more years to come. 

We highly recommend replacing your rotor brushes with our A100 brush set along with your new rotor. Worn brushes can cause a new rotor not to function, or function improperly.
Click here for brushes:

Technical Specifications

Rotor Field Coil Resistance: 4.4ohms, measured between slip rings on rotor face.
Stator Coil Resistance: 0.3ohms


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