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Having an electrical problem with your bike, but not sure what's causing it?
Well, we're here to help. We love to sell you parts, but we don't want you throwing your hard earned bucks away on a part that's not going to solve your problem!

The first step in troubleshooting your motorcycle or powersports electrical problem is understanding the charging system these type of engines employ. Click on the part types below to read more about each important piece in the motorcycle electrical system. Each section contains descriptions of the common types of each component, and general troubleshooting tips.

After reading up on the major components of the system, download our troubleshooting flow chart available below, and work through it to identify your issue. As always, we're just a call, chat or email away to help you solve your problem and get you the right part to get you back on the road!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD RaceTech Electric Troubleshooting Flow Chart (in PDF format).

Note: You will need free Adobe PDF reader to view our troubleshooting documents.
It is available for download here.

Voltage Regulators

The Voltage Regulator is an important component of the electrical charging system, and keeps your motorcycle battery from being overcharged and damaged. This section has information on common regulator types and troubleshooting information. There are a few common types of Voltage more »


The motorcycle engine Stator is the heart of the electrical system, providing electrical current for your engine for battery charging, lighting, and the ignition system. This section has descriptions of the common types, and troubleshooting information.

There are a few types of more »


Field Coil Rotors provide the magnetism to drive charging system output in many bikes. These systems were used on many bikes in the 70's and 80's. Good examples include the Honda CB series, and Yamaha XS series motorcycles.

They function more similarly to car-type alternators than more »

Pulser Coil & Ignition Systems

The Pulser Coil is the heart of your engines timing & ignition system. This section has information on how the components and system work & troubleshooting tips.

The Pulser Coil, (often called Pickup Coil, or Timing Coil) is responsible for providing the timing signal to the more »